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Assignment 1 - Engage all managers of a metropolis and oversee banking network leading change
Assignment 2 - Accompany teams from a management company on oral tenders
Assignment 3 - Supporting private bankers in their commercial approach
Assignment 4 - Boosting the animation of a network of prescribers
Assignment 5 - Professionalize annual interviews in an industrial enterprise
Assignment 6 - Train the sales leaders at the ticket office and commercial rebound
Assignment 7 - Supporting the creation of a Sales Academy for a major transport player
Assignment 8 - Gather 90 accountants in forward thinking
Assignment 9 - Advancing the account activation rate for a trade company in derivative products
Assignment 10 - Intervention in the Academy with Business Insurance Training

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Assignment 1

Engage all managers of a metropolis and oversee banking network with leading change
The ambition of the new branch direction: develop a state of entrepreneurial spirit among managers.

Change that happens, of course, through the managerial position of branch managers to drive the necessary changes in the organization, work in multichannel and multisite synergies. In light of this ambition, we revisited expertises on fundamental managerial acts such as:

• monthly meeting conduct
• performance management
• employees support and coaching

80% satisfaction rate while overcoming an unfavorable atmosphere to change .

In this project conducted in close collaboration with management training and management of the network, we had to score a strong change to anticipate the legitimate skepticism of a managerial population already "formed many times " who doubted the concrete utility of a new training program.

The results of this project which lasted 6 months: A significant satisfaction rate of 80%.

Leaving the old mindsets to start a new

Upstream, the managers were actually involved in the construction of the training being invited to participate in the design of the modules providing practical management situations to deal with.

Project was launched in few days for up to 50 directors, helping mark the challenge and break down barriers by promoting inter-regional reflection. The day ended with a session of questions / answers between the directors and senior management.

At the end of the day the managers had the choice of modules they wished to follow.

During the training courses, consultants, without ever compromising the goals scored by the general management, also addressed the issues made by the directors by bringing concrete answers.

Less about the content, more about the meaning

Wishing to break apart from previous training, the modules were built by focusing on priority management practices. The process to reflect collectively on concrete situations and then to train, helped make this training truly effective and sustainable.

The use of video allowed managers to become aware of the impact of their communication in their managerial posture.

Finally, integration of branch manager leaders in the training proved the consistency and commitment of senior management to drive change at all levels of the hierarchy.


Accompany teams from a management company on oral tenders
Asset-management team requesting challenges

The commercial courses are conducted by a triad: management director / sales manager / administrator. The demand for this team : be challenged and guided to improve their presentations to multiple audiences.

The adopted bias: An operational coaching logic relying on projects to defend.

A critical look
First stage of assistance:

The analysis of written documents. The consultant instantlly focuses on the structure, clarity, commercial orientation of the support geared to customers.

Intensive training for improved performance
Second stage of assistance:

• Friendly spaced out individual training to raise awareness of the issues on which the employee can capitalize or improve, and find ways to make a more convincing presentation.
• Interchanged group training to ease coaching activities, working posture and behavior.

Training benefits:

• Anticipate customer feedback to build quality answers
• Professionalize the presentation: Structuring the speech, clarify messages and streamline the transition sequencing topics and speakers
• Continue to reinforce customer satisfaction through written expertise
• Reassure the client by the concept of a dedicated team.


Supporting private bankers in their commercial approach

This intervention comes at the request of Private Management Director to support the growing competence of his staff on different issues.

• Reference request
• Commercial proposals launch
• Unsure customers stagnation
• Basic maintenance

An individualized approach

For each employee, the assistance starts with a scenario of a commercial meeting session, on a case built with Private Management Director.

The objective: Validate controlled points, but also identify points to be covered by the assistance.

The consultant, in the role of the customer, challenges the private banker, then performs a specific debriefing on his feelings about the meeting as a customer. Uncompromising and in complete benevolence, the good points and points for improvement are laid out with advice and solid inputs from the consultant.

After this first training session, shuffled individual training sessions follow linked along the axis to strengthen business efficiency.

The freedom to expose their difficulties, the certitude to find practical help.

During 2 hours individual coaching sessions with the consultant, employees talk about their difficulties and work accurately to solve them.

For example, as a difficulty experienced soliciting a client, the consultant works with the employee to alleviate barriers and build up a sales pitch.

The individual coaching sequence ends with a specific action plan and the establishment of the agenda for the next sitting: eg establish eedback on experience and provide a list of customers to call direct. Because there is no complacency in this approach but rather a real means of help on the part of the consultant, the added value of accompanying sessions is strongly felt. Employees can be challenged on feared topics and find sound answers.


Boosting the animation of a network of prescribers

This mission was conducted with a team of commercial managers in charge of the animation of prescribers (brokers, IFAs, insurance companies ...)

Stand out and convince in a short time

Their need: 30 minutes to convince the audience of the richness of their tenders by a powerful presentation.

Collective training

The workshops focused on both the content and form :

• Appropriating the media used
• Identify key messages
• Treat transitions
• Manage embarrassing questions
• Manage emotions dealing with dissatisfaction

They are held in groups of 4.

Each comes with 2-3 presentations. Along the training sessions, the consultant adapts its contributions according to what he observed. The participants shall implement the contributions to rebuild their presentation. They can thus see their progress during the coaching session. These solid workshops provide optimal preparation for their upcoming presentations.

For one of the groups that had been formed on this theme, an approach with theatre technics, transposed into their world, allowed to work on good reflexes and capitalize on previous training. Using the camera was a real plus for participants.


Professionalize annual interviews in an industrial enterprise
The goal : Strengthen local management

In this large and successful enterprise, commercial activity is doing relatively well but with a lack of management both in communication and in performance. It is in this context that the new branch manager has decided to invest in local management, aware that they never had management training.

The first scope of ​​work was the annual interviews. Before this, only about 20% of employees had benefited from an annual evaluation and, most often, the records of these interviews were unusable.

The second scope of work for 2015 will be to build a management curriculum.

Substantive work on the topic of the annual employee evaluation

During a one-day course devoted solely to the annual employee evaluation, all success key factors have been worked in detail :

• The methodology: preparation, collection of facts, formalization of operational objectives
• Ownership of the different stages
• Managing its own communication during the interview

All these points have been worked on the basis of specific cases and with the help of the video that has enabled managers to be positioned in situation.

Each manager has been working on a real employee profile, preparing his interview, clarifying his stance and his speech: "What do I want to mention about the past year? What am I going to ask him for next year? "

Spectacular growth rates of the annual interviews

This marked the challenge set by senior management on annual interviews. The substantive work performed enabled managers to be prepared to exercise. Let us add that consistency in the management line was provided: Managers of managers have also been trained and provided annual interviews of local managers.


Train the sales leaders at the ticket office and commercial rebound

The purpose of this action : Improve front desk employee competence in a large bank network.

• First on the sale of payment means and simple savings products
• Secondly on commercial rebound for making appointments at the counter.

Concrete-based Training

This training took place in the driving school where the real conditions of the sale over the counter were met.

20 customer profiles, representative of the bank's clients, were built to achieve realistic situation sets.

Based on these profiles, the training was made up of successive and filmed sessions to work on teasers and handling objections.

Efficient and scalable training

Unanimously, the participants appreciated the practical and directly applicable side of the training.

Along the sessions, trainings have been enriched with "tricks and tips" found by previous groups. Result: this training has contributed to achieving the objectives of insurance business operation due to the efficiency of appointment-securing at the counter.


Supporting the creation of a Sales Academy for a major transport player

For this major player in transport in France and abroad, the goal was to create a sales academy for mobile and sedentary commercial employees to professionalize and standardize practices.

A project supported by the management of the network, and accompanied by the sales managers

Management was involved from the beginning of the project with the design of a sales method adapted to the customer. He was then part of implementing the method. At the end of each training, each commercial employee established his plan of action and returned it to his consultant and sales manager to enable the manager to accompany him along the training.

A project supported by the management of the network, accompanied by the sales managers

The courses were designed immediately in a logic of blended learning. The e-learning part was completely customized.

The educational modules largely used interactive videos; learners, immersed in a commercial pursuit of prospection representative survey of the reality of their business, are invited at each stage of the commercial course to decide the result of course based on the prospect answers. The interactivity and customized option seduced the commercial employees and allowed an excellent connection rate.

The use of blended learning has helped to focus the instructor-led teaching on intensive training.

An individualized curriculum

Halfway through each participant has an individual coaching session by phone.

A simulation of appointments by phone is organized with the consultant who takes on the role of the prospect. Meeting is prepared by the commercial employee ahead of the meeting.

The purpose of this interview is to challenge each participant in a professional situation closer to everyday life.

After the simulation of appointments by phone, the consultant debriefs the meeting and makes further contributions related to each commercial employee.

Measuring learning outcomes

At the end of the course, commercial employees are challenged during a day of evaluation consisting of a succession of commercial acts, performed in front of the jury for commercial managers.

Thus the training can measure the achievements.

In addition, KPIs were followed to measure the evolution of commercial performance: Number of sales calls, number of appointments obtained, etc.

The analysis of KPIs associated with the measurement of the evolution of skills allows you to feed the training supported by the development of new modules for different needs.

Changing permanently Sales Academy

Training remains evolutionary - not still. The challenge is to continually develop skills and produce improved results.

For this, it was decided to put in place a people review for sales managers on their commercial employees to both enhance business skills not yet perfectly mastered and continue to develop complementary skills on new topics. New topics will be covered face to face. Development points will be treated with long distance learning individually by coaching using video conferencing and group training with virtual classes.


Gather 90 accountants in forward thinking

For this group of accountants, it was implementing a seminar focusing on customer relations, in a logic of foresight to anticipate changing customer expectations and the possible reform on this regulated occupation.

The challenge: To work effectively 90 participants

The first day of the seminar was organized in workshops, led each by a consultant. Participants were invited to work in depth on the different dimensions of the relationship from the perspective of "customer target 2020".

Listen to the voice of the customer

The second day started with a plenary panel discussion moderated by the consultant. During this round table, three customers were invited to express, in their respective fields, the customer relationship impacts, their expectations and their vision for their changing needs.The day continued with the restitution of the workshops from the day before. In closing the seminar, OLIAD projected a film tracing the thread of these two days, thereby prolonging the effect of "Special Event Management".


Advancing the account activation rate for a trade company in derivative products
The starting point: a high rate of account opening requests remained unattended

In this context, it was decided to set up a training program to advance the account activation rate.

In this sector where all telephone conversations are recorded, listening for requests was an especially valuable starting material for precisely assessing progress runs and identify practical actions to implement.

Based on these tapes, the consultant accompanied each commercial employee individually in the definition of an action plan to increase the activation rate.

Training focused on the expected practices

Collective training was focused on expected professional practices defined on the basis of tapes regarding:

• Welcoming the client
• Relaunch
• Validation of the full customer satisfaction at the end of the call.

During this training, drills were recorded for each to "hear" the impact of paraverbal.


Intervention in the Academy with Business Insurance Training

As part of an Academy geared to commercial employees for an insurance company, OLIAD has been working for 2 years to animate 5 modules related to commercial efficiency.

Beyond the animation of these modules, OLIAD assists the company on the development of the academy

Each year OLIAD performs work with the training management on commercial concerns of the participants to set up the answers in terms of training<./p>

Thus two new modules were created in 2014:

• Be assertive with a difficult customer
• Negotiate with a potential customer

In 2015, OLIAD was asked to carry out operational support to commercial employees experiencing commercial difficulties.