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Why did you choose OLIAD?

Someone I respected talked about OLIAD. As General Representative of a group of accountants, I have to support the transformation of the trade. Previously, customers came to the accountant, now it is the accountants who must reach out to the customer. It's a new approach.

To demonstrate that one can be an Expert-Accountant and at the same time have a commercial approach, I needed a consultant who is both a very good commercial businessman and able to adapt to the needs and challenges of our accountants.

What did you particulary like?

On this mission, several OLIAD consultants were to participate. I had a concern: Would all consultants have the same level of expertise as the one I had first met. I made a cold satisfaction survey of members who participated in the convention and it appears from this study that, regardless of the consultant, the level of satisfaction was very good. Comparing workshops made with another provider last year, satisfaction rates have soared by 30%.

One of the difficulties of this mission was the group heterogeneity, consisting of office bosses and Heads of Mission. These two populations have very different perceptions of the trade. It was necessary to "bring" to the two heterogeneous publics regarding their expectations and in terms of age.

The satisfaction survey revealed that managers were 95% satisfied in spite of these people being the most difficult to convince.

If you were to describe OLIAD mindset

It is a firm that has an intelligent approach because there is a great sense of listening and almost immediate adaptability.

This is true in the pre-conceptualization of the demand definition, but also in animation. This really surprised me: there were very different participants in the workshops and and consultants demonstrated relational flexibility and adaptability.

Finally, I felt accompanied at all times. The follow-up did not stop at the end of the training session, the project manager called me afterward. A relationship was born.

GWENAEL MOY Chairman IG Markets Securities (Japan) chez IG GWENAEL MOY

GWENAEL MOY Chairman IG Markets Securities (Japan) chez IG
What are the reasons why you choose to work with him ?

First , I met Olivier in the world of finance when he led training to improve our salesforce performance. His immersive approach of scenario-then placing our employees in a work situation touched the heart of the relationship we want with our customers. This gave excellent results. I then decided to entrust him with the audit engagement and process of redesigning B2B sales of the transport company for which I am also a shareholder.

What did you particulary like?

The commitment of Olivier in the understanding of our business and its ability to integrate the specificities of the business as well as the culture of the company have been key factors in this success.

What outcomes / impacts have you observed?

Our conversion rate prospects to customers was improved by over 20%, but especially the culture of listening, attention and service taught to our employees and instilled in our process is a guarantee of sustainability of investments made together.

If you were to describe OLIAD mindset

OLIAD competence and technical skills are undeniable. But above all, Olivier's quality of listening and energy are communicative to all!

PATRICK LAJOINIE Director General Delegate at Russell InvestmentsPATRICK LAJOINIE

PATRICK LAJOINIE Director General Delegate at Russell Investments
Why did you choose OLIAD?

As often in the service industry, a man is chosen before the structure, continuity, loyalty to Olivier ADAM.

What did you particulary like?

What I appreciate most: His always demanding loyalty, he is not sleeping on its laurels. Usually imperativeness decreases towards customers that are considered acquired, not the case here.

OLIAD always retained this demanding requirement especially in terms of reactivity when we call them in an emergency.

Olivier ADAM knows to be "annoying" in the best sense. He can say what's wrong detailed with acuteness and adaptability.

He gets involved, doesn't count hours. He actually awaits the return of the participants, he is fully involved.

What outcomes / impacts did you observe?

Factually, we have a success rate of 2/3. Qualitatively the results are superior.

Where I see people progressing, it's afterward -past the training when it's "digested". Once people are done, they're happy. They realize that it was the only way to "go up a step. "

If you were to describe OLIAD mindset

Competent, "annoying", involved.


SOLINE SOMMERS Commercial Director at OSWALD ORB
Why did you choose OLIAD?

I had the opportunity to benefit from Olivier ADAM training in my old company. When I joined OSWALD ORB, I called him to train my sales force. We needed a consultant with a very good relationship, very close to people, comfortable himself and able to make them feel at ease.

What did you particulary like?

The purpose was to train account managers with a very senior profile. The consultant was able to gain confidence and bring lots to the table. They benefited greatly from the training.

He is a reflection of what people should be commercially: enthusiastic, empathetic and results oriented, with good commercial know-how.

He is also very good at recruitment to help you select a sales person. He is able to adapt to different sectors and different business profiles: a very wide range, from "push" sales to more "expert" sales.

He also happens to create the link in the group, and people work better together afterwards, this strengthens ties in teams.


MARION FOUGEDOIRE Training Manager at La Française Groupe AM
Why did you choose OLIAD?

One of our employees had worked in the past with the leader of OLIAD and recommended us to use this company to support a team in the preparation of an oral presentation as part of a tender . It was a new approach for us.

What did you particulary like?

In our company, processes are short, our employees are constantly in demand, I look for responsiveness and to provide an expert response to their needs.

On this first operation, the accompaniment was set up in a hurry and in the end the team won the bidding! After this personalized support, I took the time to get acquainted with Olivier. I appreciated his rather detailed analysis of our work environment and rapid understanding of the needs and situations. This company fits perfectly into our operation modes, with a strong ability to adapt. Also, it's very comfortable for us to work with consultants who know and understand our business problems.

If you were to describe OLIAD mindset

A "thousand percent involved" as if the issue was his, with a strong culture of performance.

VALERIE BRILOT head of Training offers at Gan AssurancesVALERIE BRILOT

VALERIE BRILOT head of Training offers at Gan Assurances
What did you particulary like?

What I appreciate foremost is the pragmatic approach which allows for a high level of participant satisfaction. Upstream, at the design of the training, this operational and pragmatic side allowed us to identify very precisely the tool which will «bring progress». In training, this operability is reflected in the implementation of the action plan that can be followed by the manager.

Following the training, I appreciated that the consultant recommended propositions based on feedback of the training sessions. These exchanges allowed us to develop further our training offers to our employees.

Finally, in a difficult area, it is important that participants leave the training mentally "boosted" beyond the techniques. And this is true at every training.

If you were to describe OLIAD mindset

First of all, the quality of listening : It's noticeable through the customer needs analysis. Then the adaptation: It is expressed by the ability to make "customized" training yet working the heart of the subject. Finally, the qualitative aspect: we sense a desire to offer quality work to build a long-term relationship .